What is ASMR And How Can You Experience It?

What is ASMR And How Can You Experience It?

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a spontaneous tingling sensation that many refer to as euphoria, or heaven on earth. The tingling sensation often begins at the scalp, and sometimes works its way down your body and extremities, sending you into an indescribable state of relaxation and calm. The tingling sensation can last for seconds, and with practice and intention, can last much longer.

Where Does This Euphoria Come From?


We have become conditioned to scientifically explain, prove, or disprove just about everything. However, many things in life simply can’t be quantified—feelings being at the top of that list. Yes, you can link the correlation of hormones or overall health to your emotional state, but we have all been positively caught off guard, even overwhelmed with feelings of love and external connectedness. If you have ever watch a short video clip that tugged at your heartstrings, felt inspired to help a stranger, or simply sat back and watched a display of love or joy that has moved you to tears.

So where does ASMR come from? The verdict is still out. Many who have experienced it have drawn their own conclusions—the universe, spirituality, or our untapped potential for self-healing.

Can You Trigger An ASMR Experience?


Even if you are hearing of ASMR for the first time, you may have experienced this phenomenon without being able to put a name to it. It’s a sensation that must be felt to fully comprehend, but once you can identify what the sometimes-fleeting state of intense pleasure—you won’t be able to get enough of it. Triggers vary, but some of the most common ways to trigger the sensation are:

  • A scalp, ear, or foot massage
  • Cupping and other alternative therapies
  • Having your hair brushed or played with
  • Listening to binary beats, chanting, white noise, or sounds of nature
  • Spending time in nature
  • Practicing yoga and meditation
  • Gong bath class
  • Balancing visual stimuli

There are many more ways you can trigger this relaxing sensation, but these are some of the most accessible.

What Are The Benefits Of ASMR?


It is easy to focus on the stressors in life, and most of us think of euphoria as an unobtainable concept. But who doesn’t want to feel happier and more relaxed? Whether you experience ASMR accidentally, or with intention—the benefits are many.

It can be practiced in times of high stress, anxiety, and fear. It can be used to help you sleep, or to make you feel great—even if you aren’t feeling particularly bad.

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