The Best ASMR Massage Videos

The Best ASMR Massage Videos

ASMR is not about tingling sensations only but about relaxation too and nothing soothes the body more than a good massage. Guess what? There are ASMR massage videos as well which trigger peaceful and relaxing feelings in you. The soft and gentle touch of massage is such that even not being there you can benefit from them and feel the relaxation seeping through your pores into your body and loosening your tensed and knotted muscles. More than that, ASMR helps in relaxing the mind too such are its triggers. Massages have been the strong pillars of relaxation and soothing for humans since ancient times.

ASMR Massages – Relax With Seeing:

The ASMR massage videos happen to have a very soft and relaxed environment that often features dim lighting or candles. Most of the time in ASMR no talking videos and you only see the movements and the person getting a soothing massage. The slow precise hand movements of ASMR massage videos and the peaceful expression of utter relaxation catches you as well rendering you with quiet and peace. You get calm and your nerves relax by seeing this relaxing process of massage ASMR.

People like to have a deep and comfortable sleep and that is when these ASMR massage videos help the most, to put you to sleep. There is variety of massage videos over the internet from tutorials to demonstrations to ASMR massage videos. Some of these videos of massage ASMR teach you to give a full-body massage or different massage techniques. While ASMR no talking massage videos just show you the whole process without any words said. So whether you want to tutor yourself ASMR massage or just looking for a relaxed sleep, you are in the right place.

Only few selected ASMR channels produce high-quality ASMR massage videos. All those videos and some massage ASMR videos from notable ASMR artists are also mentioned below. Learn from them or enjoy them, up to you. There is something entirely relaxing and soothing about getting massage but most of the time we lack the time or money to enjoy one. But with massage ASMR, this is not the case. ASMR massage is the closest possible thing to a massage that you could possibly get without costing any of your money or taking out time from your busy routine. The best time to enjoy these is listening to them at night right before going to bed.

We would like to inform you the criteria on which our recommendations for best ASMR massage videos are based. The things that we have considered while putting together this list are as follows:

  • The popularity of the trigger utilized in the video
  • The popularity of the massage ASMR video
  • Hype that was created around the community
  • Opinions and polls of viewers
  • Audio & video quality

So, listed below are the top ASMR massage videos that have been viewed the most by ASMR fans. In order to achieve the maximum soothing effect and relaxing experience from these ASMR massage videos is to listen to them with using the specific sleep headphones for ASMR purposes. These are not in a particular arrangement or order but the description given under each of the ASMR massage videos shall point out the tingles and triggers to expect when you choose to see the video.

ASMR Massage & Whisper – Binaural Ear-to-Ear Back Massage Relaxation Pain Relief by Psychetruth:

Pretty standard, this is a regular massage ASMR video. An interesting thing regarding this video is that person who is giving the back massage rubs her hands together to warm them up before starting with the ASMR massage and throughout the video also. A great tingly trigger for those who enjoy hand sounds.

This video is more towards the ASMR no talking massage as it contains more visuals and less noise which are pretty amazing. The woman giving the massage is soft and professional. She is seen dropping useful pointers on giving a good massage. Furthermore, both right and left microphones have been greatly uses for great ASMR massage experience.

ASMR Massage & Ear to Ear Whisper – Back Massage Relaxation, Stress Relief & Sleep Aid by Psychetruth:

Whisper and inaudible language is quite popular in the ASMR community and especially in ASMR massage videos. When one comes one to ASMR one wants a serene and soothing environment rather than loud voice. ASMR massage videos are about making one feel relaxed and at ease.

Much like the former one, this massage ASMR video lacks the hand rubbing but it is much softer and easier than the previous one mentioned above.  The jumps that are taken from one camera to another are pretty incredible which engages the viewer into a relaxing ASMR experience and quite helpful in sleeping.

Fingertip Tracing Binaural Massage & Back Tickling by WhispersRed:

This is quite a beautiful back massage ASMR video that relaxes you immensely. The one element that makes it appealing and sets it apart from the rest is the usage of oils which are very gently tapped by the lady using her fingernails. Finger tapping is another trigger which is found to soothe and relax people who experience ASMR.

WhisperRed is immensely popular in the ASMR community. The microphone that has been used in the video are so sensitive that you can actually hear the oils coming out of the bottles which is a tingly experience. Accents take ASMR experience to whole new level and the gentle massaging and brushing makes this video quite a favorite in the ASMR massage videos. The finger tracing that is done around the 5-minute mark is really nice and gets better when WhisperRed uses both her hands. ASMR no talking massage videos teach you a trick or two to try on yourself too!

Relaxing Back Massage ASMR by MassageASMR :

For a soothing ASMR no talking massage this is the best. No talking videos allows you to relax and unwind the tiredness of hearing people talk all day. The artful way she uses her hands and arms are an utter pleasure. Being simple and slow allow your eyes to relax and sleep peacefully.

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