ASMR on YouTube

ASMR on YouTube

There was a time when ASMR was a mystery and no one had ever discovered it. Well, at least not with that name. However, this was soon changed by the fact when someone shared the experience of this bodily response on the internet.

Nobody can deny the wonders of the internet. Soon, ASMR was becoming popular among people eventually forming a community. In this community, you will find a healthy amount of discussion about what ASMR is, what triggers it and how people have experienced it.

This community is largely supported by the ASMR artists or ASMRtists. These people create videos using different ASMR triggers. As a result of viewing these videos, people have reported experiencing the ASMR tingles.

It is important to mention that not all of the people have felt this sensation in their bodies. It is also possible that some people may have felt but fail to recognize it. On the other hand, people may respond to differently to different ASMR triggers. Some people may respond negatively to triggers to which others respond positively. Others may not respond at all to some of the well-known ASMR triggers.

ASMR and YouTube

YouTube is a huge platform for people interested in expressing themselves through videos. It soon became a popular platform for ASMR artists to share videos where they help simulate environments that may produce the ASMR tingles. ASMR YouTube videos have played a great role in spreading awareness about this phenomenon. There are some widely popular ASMR artists on YouTube that have gained a lot of views on their videos. Included in this list are ASMR Darling and Gentlewhispering. ASMR videos may use several ASMR triggers in one video like the ones with role roleplaying while others are specifically for a single purpose like ASMR videos for inducing sleep.

Why are People Watching ASMR Videos?

ASMR tingles are associated with positive feelings and have been reported to eliminate stress. In other medical befits, some people find ASMR helpful for sleeping. Sleep troubles can be very frustrating and when all other methods fail, ASMR videos may become the solution. It is totally harmless, unlike sleeping pills.

It is natural body response that can be achieved through ASMR triggers like whispering, tapping, page turning and other audio and visual aids.


Gentewhispering is an account on YouTube that belongs to a Russian blonde girl. She gradually rose to fame in the ASMR community as more and more people watched her ASMR videos.

Behind Gentlewhispering is a girl named Maria. Maria is a 28-year-old Russian expat living in the suburban Maryland. She has made many ASMR videos and some of her videos have reached nearly 7 million views. Her ASMR videos hold such magic for the viewers that they keep coming back to watch them again. She specializes in the whispering trigger. It is considered to be one of the most common triggers for ASMR. She often utilizes the trigger by simulating environments as she takes on different roles. In some videos, you may find her acting as your hairstylist, librarian or masseuse.

When you first discover ASMR, it seems like a weird way to spend time on the internet. ASMR videos, such as produced by Maria, will captivate you if you respond to ASMR triggers in a positive way. Soon, it will stop feeling weird and you will seek the relaxing sensation that is ASMR. For many, these videos are a gift as they can unwind after long days. Others find these soothing whispering sounds helpful in making them sleep.

There is still some logical reasoning awaited on this topic from the scientific experts so it is not surprising that people have their own beliefs about the ASMR phenomenon. These may vary depending on different experiences. For example, Maria thinks that it is more than just sounds and visuals making you physically react. She says that it may be connected to our minds as well. she justifies her thoughts by saying that maybe personal attentions from a hairstylist or masseuse makes people feel cared for or watching a woman simply fold clothes remind them of their mothers.

ASMR Darling

ASMR Darling, whose real name is Taylor Darling, is also a famous YouTube star. She was not always posting ASMR videos but her first video was the ASMR Whispered Bubbly Makeup Roleplay. She is a young 19-year-old lady and her popularity is justified by her 440,000 subscribers.

ASMR YouTube videos are attracting a lot of attention from both existing members of the community and new ones just discovering this phenomenon. Apart from Gentlewhipsering and ASMR Darling, there are many other ASMR artists. Some of the videos are very famous as they have more views than others. The reason could be the use of a certain trigger or combination of triggers that works for more people at a time.

A research indicates that people usually pursue these videos around 10 in the night. It is the common time when people are finally letting themselves get rest and relax. Most people who are interested in ASMR are quite young. This also gives a tough competition to the fitness and makeup tutorials on YouTube.

Moreover, the ASMR trend is becoming even more common as popular brands have started supporting it. They partner with ASMR artists and allow them to use their products in the videos. This is beneficial for marketing purposes. The ASMR sensation is as much related to the mind as much to the body. As ASMR is associated with positive feelings by the brain so it is easier for the viewer to have a positive response to the brands they see in the videos.

If you are new to the ASMR community, you may want to learn a bit about how it works before you start watching the ASMR videos. Moreover, watch a few videos to find what triggers you feel comfortable with. It takes time but there are many videos so it is not impossible to find what triggers work for you.

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