Binaural ASMR/Whisper. Floral Foam

Hey guys, relax as I use different items to make sounds with a block of floral foam. ASMR triggers include ear-to-ear whispering, cracklings, scraping and squishing. Enjoy! 🙂 Please check the pinned comment or the annotations for a no talking version of this on my German channel.
I don’t recommend doing this at home, since the dust can be dangerous (and I found green dust in my nose days after redording…).

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—————– What is ASMR? —————-
ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) is a tingly feeling a lot of people get in their heads while listening to certain sounds such as whispering, tapping, scratching and many more. ASMR videos also help people to relax, calm down and sleep. Feel free to check out the following link for more information:

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