{BINAURAL ASMR} Ear to Ear Gum Chewing – sksksk/ksksks – Ear Touching – No Speaking

Hey guys! Its nice to see you again ;D Bubble gum chewing sounds and sksk sounds were requested, so I combined both in this video. Enjoy the tingles and .

Heres a gum chewing video for you. I made sure not to do any talking in this 🙂 Basically thats it! I chew gum from ear to ear for a solid 15 minutes! Thanks to .

Hey everyone! ♥ Put on your headphones and relax as I tap on various items and chew gum ear to ear (if you dont like gum chewing, please skip this video and .

I decided to loop this video because the first 5 or 6 minutes I didnt like how close to the camera was. Once I scooted the mic back from the camera I liked it a lot .

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