ASMRoleplay: Concerned Friend Listening to Work Troubles [Whispered]

Hello, everyone! This is just a little ‘concerned friend’ roleplay I shot in between working on a couple of comedic rps coming up. It’s just a quick video, but I thought it might be relaxing. In it, I listen to your troubles and try to relax you and calm you through your anxiety and stress from work. The camera was more zoomed than I realized so it basically looks like a pair of boobies giving you job-related advice, so…yeah, lol. Please listen with headphones and enjoy!

Comedic Miss M BACK in next video!! I promise! 🙂 Also the return of Mar Mar 😀

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Any donations towards better equipment, costumes, props, lingerie are greatly appreciated! Since most of my videos are age-restricted, I receive very little ad revenue, so any donations towards making better quality vids is very much appreciated and welcomed! Thank you! 🙂


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