ASMRoleplay: A Visit to the ER (Whispered)

Hello, everyone! This is a silly, whispered roleplay where you come to Mt. Mammary ER for some TLC for a rather, er, unique problem. Best with headphones.

This is my second attempt at this video. I ended up deleting the original after realizing the sound quality was too bad. I recorded with no external mic–just using the internal camcorder stereo mic. I also edited out the white noise. The end result was my whispering became quite sharp in places, but it still sounds better than my last video. I’m genuinely trying! I have a CAD U37 (used as a prop in my radio talkshow video) that I finally got a phantom power source for and will be testing. My new $130 mic obviously doesn’t work well or I just can’t figure it out. 🙁

Anyway, thanks for watching! Also, all kitties are now a-okay and the little princess even makes an appearance during the ending credits. Thanks for all the well wishes and good kitty vibes sent our way! 😸

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Patreon and PayPal donations are majorly appreciated! I have an external mic now but would love to get a 3dio one. Thank you in advance for any donations! You guys rock! 💕💕

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