ASMR: World’s Worst Role Play 3: Men’s Haircut and Scalp Massage

DISCLAIMER: This is terrible. Like, really terrible. XD. I’m still learning how to use the new camcorder and it kept autofocusing or something on my boobs. Plus with the tiny screen, it’s now hard for me to see what I’m doing as I film, so it became very boobs-in-your-face because I couldn’t see where I was positioned. And as usual, my improv role play skills are really bad. So, I am bracing myself for the onslaught of thumbs-down for this sucker. I promise, I really am trying to do better and work with better equipment to be a good ASMR artist, but this thing may end my stint before it even started, lol. I’m posting it because it was like my eighth attempt at doing this thing (cat, husband, painters outside, and people knocking on my door interruptions), and I thought, what the hell. Some people may like the boobs-in-face or really bad role play. If you still are sticking around after this….I seriously love you. 😀

**Also I just set up a Facebook page and a Twitter account to post updates, ideas about videos, and random whatnots. In case anyone is interested, they can be found here:

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