ASMR: Whispered New Mic Test with Neck/Chest Pampering

(Edit 2: Hey, guys! I will be off the grid until after the holidays. I’ll be back at the first of the year with my first live event–Brunch with Miss M. Have a safe, joyous, relaxing holiday! 💕Edit–alrighty, I guess I need to do more work on my audio. Will learn how to filter background noise so hopefully the next video will be better). Hi, everyone! This is just a quick test of my new external mic using my whisper voice. I just whisper a bit while applying lotion and powder. Nothing too exciting or spectacular, lol. Best with headphones and thanks for watching! :)🎄🎁

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Patreon and PayPal donations are majorly appreciated! I have an external mic now but would love to get a 3dio one. Thank you in advance for any donations! You guys rock! 💕💕

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