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Welcome to the A Crew!!! Aurelia is in charge of introducing you to all things ~A~, she’ll tell you what you need to know!
If you haven’t taken the personality test to get here, go back to the beginning!

A Gang members are intuitive and known for their thinking, rationality, impartiality, and intellect.
~The A Gang~ embraces rationality and impartiality, excelling in intellectual debates and scientific or technological fields. A’s are fiercely independent, open-minded, strong-willed and imaginative, approaching many things from a utilitarian perspective and being far more interested in what works than what satisfies everybody. These traits make the A’s excellent strategic thinkers, but also cause difficulties when it comes to social or romantic pursuits.

(If you’re curious about more, the A group is based off the “Analysts” group on the website! I asked fellow ASMRtists what their Meyers Briggs type was to determine what group they would be sorted into!)

Other A Gang members include:
Amy Kay ASMR
Starling ASMR
ASMR Jonie
(ex member Gibi… I used to be hardcore A Gang for the longest time but I’ve recently switched over to the R gang funnily enough!)

Keep killin it, A Gang! Sleep well!

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