ASMR: Three Tales from Miss Margaritte’s Haunted Hacienda

Happy (Belated) Halloween! Okay, everyone: my sincerest apologies: this is NOT the Halloween video I intended to post. I intended to be a ghostly Burlesque dancer reading a short story from Stephen King, but as soon as I started applying the white makeup, I felt this horrible burnind and itching. Turns out I had a really bad allergic reaction to the makeup, complete with welted hives! I am still recovering and am not able to shoot anything right now. This is a ‘screen test’ I did days earlier with a different idea and without my gorgeous bustier costume as it hadn’t arrived yet–this is just in a regular black teddy and gloves. It was never intended to be published at it was just me fooling around. The entire thing is shot in one take and fully ad-libbed. I made up each story as I went along with no script, and I’m sure it shows. I really wanted to have a video for Halloween, so I decided to post it. Please forgive the crappy costume, bad story telling, and mixing up of character names (I call ‘Larry’ by ‘Roy’ by mistake at the end of the second tale.) Hope it’s still enjoyable in some way! So sorry!

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