ASMR Thieves Guild Role Play

I’ve had several requests for this, a thieves guild role-play set in a fantasy setting (such as Skyrim from the Elder Scrolls series, World of Warcraft, or so on).

I think I fumbled a couple lines but this took SO many takes… I have noisy pets and neighbors, haha.

More role plays come. I just spent $50 on some much needed props for upcoming scripts. I may start a Patreon someday so that there can be less delay between role plays due to me simply not having the materials I need…

The second necromancer video got set back because I needed a gas torch or lantern. I needed small glass containers for this and several upcoming videos. I also needed more candle holders.

A lot of the props for my original alchemist and necromancy video were borrowed (such as the mortar and pestle, the real dagger, the awesome tablecloth, most of the candle stuff, etc…) and I’ll need to purchase some of those items for myself because its hard to schedule videos when I have to keep bumming materials for those videos from my friends and family.

In short, I know a LOT of my recent subscribers have been from the role play videos. I want to make more, I plan to make more, I have more scheduled. It just takes time and money that I’ll need to scrape together.

I’m not quite ready to start something like a Patreon for this channel. I feel I have to pay my own dues a bit longer before I can feel comfortable asking others to chip in… Maybe if I can build us to 1,000 subscribers purely on my own, then I’d be more comfortable asking for help building the channel up from there.

In the meantime, you guys help me out so much with every subscription, share, like and comment. It means so much and gives me the motivation to keep going. This took so many outtakes due to messed up lines and background noise, but knowing that hopefully someone out there will get a good nights rest because of it; made me want to keep trying until I got the take I needed.

I’m tired and rambling like nobodies business. I hope your night is going well and I hope sleep finds you.

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