ASMR Sponge Mic (NO TALKING) Squishing, Scratching, Brushing & Hair Mousse Fizzing |Tingle Triggers

Hello again!

Let’s hang out on the comfy sofa and squish a bath sponge! 😉

I figured since the 3Dio was still being held at customs, I would take the opportunity to make the much requested no-talking version of my original sponge mic video. I tried to do longer sessions of the most enjoyed parts of the video, so I added extra crinkling, more lid capping sounds, mascara wands and a longer fizzing part at the end. I also used a white bath sponge this time, which isn’t as cute, but I thought it would prevent there being too many pink sponge thumbnails and make it easier to tell which video is which lol.

The idea for hair mousse fizzing on a mic actually started off with wrapping the Zoom windshield in saran wrap/cling film and putting the mousse on top, before I decided that it sounded better on a bath sponge. So, I decided to include some of the cling film version at the beginning of this video, for you crinkle fans out there 🙂

Thank you very much for watching, I will make a no-talking version with the 3Dio at some point too, since it is back now 🙂 x x x


00:01 – 05:44 – Clingfilm/plastic wrap on windshield, crinkling and gentle touching

05:45 – 07:18 – Hair mousse bottle tapping

07:19 – 09:24 – Lid capping sounds

09:25 – 16:08 – Hair mousse fizzing on top of plastic wrapped mic (it sounds like rain on an umbrella to me :P) with a little touching, brushing of the mousse

16:09 – 19:19 – Brushing plastic wrapped mic with stippling brush and fingers

19:20 – 27:13 – Foam windshield scratching with fingernails and gentle touching with fingertips

27:14 – 37:23 – Mascara wands scratching/brushing on windshield

37:24 – 43:21 – Bath sponge in plastic packaging, crinkling, squishing, tapping and label scratching

43:22 – 44:52 – Makeup brush tapping

44:53 – 52:09 – Brushing sponge on mic with powder brush (this sounds a bit like an airplane, which scares some people)

52:10 – 54:47 – Scratching and touching sponge mic

54:48 – 1:06:49 – Gentle and intense squishing of sponge

1:06:50 – 1:08:22 – Cardboard packaging tapping and scratching

1:08:23 – 1:17:16 – Crinkle gloves, touching sponge and crinkling around mic

1:17:17 – 1:36:09 – Hair mousse fizzing on sponge mic, with a little brushing, touching, blowing and lens brushing

1:36:10 – End – Lens/face brushing with very gentle fizzing sounds

A similar whispered version of this video here:

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