ASMR: Short Back Rub/Massage and Whisper Rambling

Hello, everyone! This is a short tester video where I try doing a back rub on my husband (and a bit of scratching, but then he got ticklish, lol). As a warning, it did turn out a bit too boobylicious, so sorry about that. Anyway, in it, I whisper ramble about one of my favorite movies that I just rediscovered–‘Shattered Glass’. I don’t think I do the film justice–it really is fantastic if you’re looking for a good flick to check out. Please excuse the kitty meow around the 2 and 3 minute mark. My husband’s cat was looking for him. Thanks for watching, and I hope it is enjoyable! 🙂

Also, I am getting an actual camcorder next week–no more shooting videos on my little tablet–whoo-hoo! 😀

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