[ASMR] Personal Shopper Roleplay | Thrive Market (Healthy Products + Gift!)

This roleplay has real offers! Go to http://thrv.me/GibiASMR-tmalmondbutter for your free almond butter (+$1.95 shipping) and 30-day free trial of Thrive Market’s services. Woop woop!

Thrive Market is helping Americans live healthier at a much better price than other stores. They also donate a free membership to a family in need, teacher, or veteran every time a paid member signs up!! Other perks I mention are the free shipping at $49.00+, and a really good money back guarantee. The membership $$ you use pretty much immediately pays for itself, but if it doesn’t, they’ll give you the difference in credit when you renew 🙂


Note from Gibi!!! Please Read!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Hi guys!! So I have decided to do a thing — charity sponsored videos! This means that all the proceeds of this sponsored video from Thrive Market is going to a charity of my choice. For this video, I chose ME Research UK. You can check them out here and make a donation too! (http://www.meresearch.org.uk/)

I chose this foundation because Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, sometimes called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, is severely underfunded in its research yet impacts a huge amount of people across the globe. Thank you to my dear friend Chris who educated me and recommended that I look into making this the place my first sponsored video money would go to. You can find much much more information on their webpage!

Thank you all for watching and helping me donate to this very deserving foundation!! I hope you enjoy the video, I tried to make it extra fun and tingly. 😀 Even though it’s a roleplay, all of the things I’m saying in this video are my true opinions! I got a free trial just like the one I’m offering you guys, and paid for all of these products on my own. I really do love and use these! (I snacked a lot while editing this……… )


Table of ~Tingle Contents~

0:00 Real info and packaging! (Ear to ear, cardboard tapping)
5:20 Dried Mango and Coconut (Crinkle packaging)
6:50 Kidney Beans (Squishy/crinkle packaging
8:38 Green Olive Spread (Scissor cutting noises/glass jar tapping)
10:35 Blue Cheese Stuffed Olives (Scissor cutting noises/glass jar & lid tapping)
12:36 Thai Coconut Soup (Can tapping/liquid sounds)
13:55 Cocoa Bunnies Cereal (Cardboard box tapping, tracing)
15:30 Wild Skipjack Light Tuna (Crinkle/scissor cutting, thick can tapping)
17:05 Chia Squeeze (big cardboard box tapping, tracing)
18:56 Beef Cherry Habanero Bars (Cardboard tapping, package crinkling, meat tapping!?)
20:59 Macaroni & Cheese (Family Size because why not) (dry macaroni noises, box tapping, tracing)
22:29 Gluten Free Penne Pasta (dry pasta noises, tapping, pointing)
24:02 Mint Gum (tiny box tapping/opening, gum chewing only for this portion! thin paper crinkles, also I make a sick trash basket shot)
25:48 Lavender Soap (Soap-wrapped-in-plastic tapping!! My favorite.)
27:10 Almond Goat’s Milk Soap (Cardboard then on-soap tapping/me sniffing the soap way too much)
28:58 Dishwasher Tablets (Box tapping, rustling, pointing/tracing)
30:04 After Shave Balm (I imagine the ladies can use this on legs if they wanted!) (plastic cutting w/ scissors, plastic tube/bottle tapping, lid popping, smelling)
32:03 Lavender Eye Pillow (Box tapping, bead squishing, velcro, tracing)
34:09 Wrap up and info


The last ASMR video to help me sleep: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGC07Q24bZ0

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