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foot video- pls dont watch if you are not into it. and feel free to skip the comment that you are not a foot person~

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Today was the last day in Gemini, my sun sign, Chris Cornell’s birthday and the tragic death of the frontman of Linkin Park: Chester B. One of my best male friends dropped the news on me early morning and I sat out on my front step and bawled my eyes out as if my best friend had died. Linkin Park isn’t for wussies or those who reject shadow, pain, trauma, anger or the rawness of emotion belted in truth. Aside from all the legends of the 90’s when grunge revealed the unvoiced pain of males losing fathers and having fucked up childhoods, or the other legends of Rock Music, Chester and Linkin Park were my family. They were always writing the lyrics of my heart and soul. Chester wasn’t afraid to voice his anger or his pain or his truth and I will cherish the 20 years Linkin Park have made me feel not so alone in a very lonely planet. You will be sorely missed, Chester and my heart goes out to his family and children, Linkin Park and the fans who I imagine are just as crushed as I am to lose another brother of music.

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