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Srsly…Is that so complicated?

Left to its own devices…. the monkey mind loooves to time travel. It will pull you into the past, often with regret and frequently resulting in feelings of depression, or it will fly into your future, inventing situations that may never ever come, and leading to feelings of anxiety and FEAR. Check it out…Ever geared yourself up for a problem that never goes down, or spent time rewriting a conversation that already took place???? That’s time we can never ever have back.

Sooo many people swing from one state to another….dwelling on the past and feeling sad and depressed, or careening into the future and feeling super anxious. Not a very fun ride! The ticket off that ride is simple, free, and available to you at all times, and it is called(drum roll pls) your breath. *breath is boss

sooo-How Does Breathing Help You Be Present?

When YOU become fully aware of your inhales and exhales, you will also be training your mind to focus on something that is happening right here, right now, in your present. Any sensation you become aware of is happening right N O W , which is why the yoga practice, including seated meditation, is so fierce, so powerful. The trick is to catch yourself when the mind starts spinning(like the fidget spinner) , and to do it quickly; essentially you want to stop the tape before it gets going.

Ending Prolonged Stress and things that don’t serve you.

check it out-There’s something called “negativity bias”, and it’s part of our wiring. Back when we had to worry about things like lions and tigers eating us for dinner, or whether there’d be enough food to eat for the next few days, or if a storm was a-brewing, this made sense for our survival. Biologically, we’re wired to worry, but most of us don’t have to worry about being eaten by lions or whether we have shelter for the night. We are also not built for prolonged~stress–ten minutes while we’re running from said lion? That we can do. Ten months when we’re obsessing over relationship or financial money stress? Not so much. Rewiring the mind takes effort and determination. YOU MUST DESIRE IT. but like anything, it gets easier over time, and with practice. Instead of allowing yourself to be wired for worry, you can decide you’d rather be wired for gratitude, and focused on all the things that could gooooo right!!!!

To Start the Process with Seated Chillin, meditating///

When you first start to sit , it’s likely the mind will continue its habitual pattern of heading into the past and future. You may tell yourself to focus on your breath, and find after five seconds that you’re having a sexual fantasy, or thinking about food That is okay! Over time, the space between your thoughts will increase. You just pick the mind up, and come back to your next inhale. You, “begin again”. Try to keep working on one-pointed focus, so you are also working on the same skill you’ll use eventually to choose one thought over another. You know, Whatever you feed will grow and strengthen, so why feed your worries? WHHHYYYY??You can make a conscious decision to feed your peace instead. Ready to give it a shot??????
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