ASMR | Let’s build a tiny, relaxing village 🏘️ | NO harsh sounds, just fall asleep | Dorfromantik

Welcome to the lovely and peaceful world of Dorfromantik! Wait… where is it? Oh, that’s right. We get to build the world ourselves! This is a soon-to-be-released tile placing game where you slowly build a village with neighborhoods, forests, rivers, fields, and more. The soundtrack and the sound effects combined with the relaxed gameplay make this a perfect recipient for my new “Jubilee approved” gold seal of approval!

If any devs happen to see this, one suggestion I would love to make is to make certain sound effects quieter. Particularly, the one where you finish a quest I found way too harsh, I had to go in and edit each sound so it didn’t break the relaxing-ness.

Dorfromantik is coming to early access on March 25th! Add it to your wishlist now and download the free demo for yourself on Steam 🙂

Happy snoozing,

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