[ASMR] Legend of Korra Roleplay – Healing You

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I’m the Avatar! You gotta deal with it! …Oh, you’re hurt? Let me fix that for you, I swear, Katara has taught me some advanced waterbending techniques! Don’t worry, it’s my duty as the Avatar to make sure balance is maintained and the citizens of Republic City stay safe. Now just relax! I got this.

How are your eyes so blue?!
-They’re contacts! I got them from PinkyParadise.com

Are you using a green screen?
-Yes. I’m still learning, which is why some objects are see-through!

Are there spoilers?
-Kind of. I wouldn’t watch it until you finish the series if you notice small details, etc.

Korra’s hair is short after season 4! And your outfit is wrong!
-TRUE. I address the hair in the video (Asami told me to grow it out), but the outfit I use is from season 2. I figure Korra could go back into her closet whenever she wanted!

This is great and all, but can you do a Katara/Azula/Avatar roleplay?
-I have an Azula roleplay coming soon! But let’s be real. Korra is better than Katara.

Do you like Avatar or Korra better?
-I like the characters of ATLA better, and the storyline of Korra better.

The audio channels are reversed!
-Errrrr. They might be. I’m sorry 🙁

Would you do a Naruto/other anime/show roleplay??
-Maybe! It takes a long time to make costumes. I’m currently in the process of building a Bowser (female) cosplay, and I have the costumes for Jessie from Pokemon, Linda from Bob’s Burgers, and Azula from ATLA. They will all probably make an appearance soon! Maybe not Linda. Maybe yes.


Hey guys! Here it is — Korra in all her glory. I hope you love it as much as I loved making it! Triggers include water, air, and fire sounds, ear to ear speaking and sound effects, personal attention, massage noises, soft speaking, mic scratching, and more.

Sleep well, everyone! The rebels ain’t got nothin’ on ya.


The last ASMR video to put me to sleep: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4KzFe50RQkQ&t=24s
(I didn’t use this video for the air sound effects, but I really wanted to because it’s the purest, most relaxing wind I’ve ever heard!)

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