ASMR Lamia’s Anti-Aging Secrets Seminar (Wicked Wisdom Day# 2)

On your second day at the Wicked Wisdom Convention you’ll attend Lamia’s Magical Anti-Aging Secrets Seminar, where she will share some of her tips and tricks to staying young.

The Spring Getaway will run from March 25th to April 6th, 2015. Every day of your trip I will upload a new video for your Wicked Wisdom Convention vacation.

Day 1: Shop for a broom with the Wicked Witch
Day 2: Lamia’s Magical anti-aging secrets seminar
Day 3: Hair styling with Cruella
Day 4: Mother Gothel’s Magical Blooms workshop
Day 5: Queen of Heart’s Cooking Class
Day 6: Shattered Slipper Spa Treatment
Day 7: Relationship advice from Mrs. Hook
Day 8: Maleficent’s Creature Companion seminar
Day 9: Private Tour of Ursula’s Vocal Collection
Day 10: Evil Queen’s Devilish Devices Tech Booth

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7106228291_93594e35e4_b ASMR Lamia's Anti-Aging Secrets Seminar (Wicked Wisdom Day# 2)

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