ASMR in Simlish | Your Final Important Interview in a Sims World

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HAHAH OMGGG IVE ALWAYS WANTED TO MAKE THIS VIDEO! I am not affiliated with EA Games or The Sims in any way, just something I really wanted to do as a fan! I’ve been playing Sims games since middle school and it is still one of my absolute favorites… as someone who loves stories, characters, imagination…! Ah! I love The Sims!!!
I thought it would be hilarious to make a really “serious” concept, AKA, the final round of a very important interview, and turn it into the goofy Sims style, and speak completely in simlish — kind of like when you’re super nervous in a high pressure situation and it’s like they aren’t speaking a language you know LOL! I am PRAYING I didn’t say anything offensive in another language lmao but I just went into the Sims and dictated a bunch of words I heard them say!!!

(If you don’t know what Simlish is… it’s the made up language that Sims speak in the games!)

So…good luck on your interview! I’m sure you’ll do great!
Dag dag!

HaleyJean ASMR did a video in Simlish if you like this and want more 🙂


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