ASMR Heavy Mouth Sounds, Fake Eating Sounds, Ear Brushing, Ear Blowing, Ear Tapping, 3dio Case Play

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Hi, everyone! Today I have for you a new ear-focused video, filled with all sorts of ear related triggers such as ear blowing, ear brushing, ear touching and ear massage, as well as ear tapping and tapping and scratching on the 3dio case! Alongside that I did some mouth sounds and fake eating sounds ^_^ and I hope you will enjoy them. Eevee is not in this one, but maybe she’ll be back next time. So those are basically the asmr trigger sounds you will find here. It’s very simple and focused. If you have any popular trigger requests, please let me know and maybe I can do them this month for you, since I plan on making a few extra videos this December. I hope you’ll enjoy them!
**There is a slight background hum in this video because my laptop was on across the freakin’ room, lol. Unfortunately this mic picks up everything, even radio waves, apparently! I hope that didn’t happen this time.
Thanks for watching!

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