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I have a little something to say about toxic people. Don’t be one, stop dumping your shit on everyone and deal with your wounds. Life is too short to walk around pissed off all the time, projecting your crap all over people and dragging them into your private hell. Healing IS possible, happiness IS possible, it IS an option but you have to be willing to take responsibility for your life.
Seriously though, some of us are on the fast track to real spiritual growth and being around toxic people makes us feel like we are regressing, trying to fit ourselves back into the tiny little hole with which we’ve clawed our way out of. In these moments we have a choice because remember, “we get what we believe we deserve” the choice is to acquiesce to the old way of being and compromise our truth and integrity or we can set a new precedent by giving toxic people the option to step up or step the fuck out.
They can choose to raise themselves to our level and if we hold a strong enough space for them to do this, they will have to step up if they are opting to be in our presence..therein lies the gift. You are unconsciously giving them space to grow. If toxic people continue to choose the lower path it’s on them but you do not have to participate in their game. Once you set a strong boundary it will shake things up for those who are used to treating you a certain way but the moment you decide “game over” is the moment you truly step into your power.
FIERCE love starts with YOU! ?❤️

I delete the skid marks of the internet off my page. Ridic comments will be deleted before I can ingest your negativity…. Not only against me, but other viewers. Its not welcome on my little corner of the internet. Don’t be a skid mark, be cool ? spanks~

omg bad and bougee-

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