[ASMR] Getting You Ready for the Anime Convention Roleplay! (Makeup, Wig, Costume, etc!)

Big shout out to my fabulous patron AJ who sponsored this video and came up with the idea 🙂 I absolutely loved it so I’m very happy to show it to you guys now!!

This is really pretty much how it goes down in the hotel room of an anime convention — but a lot more yelling and a lot less soft speaking! XD Just stand there as I apply your makeup, armor, wig, and give you your convention badge, as well as do a few touch ups 🙂

EDIT: Somebody directed me to a video done by the lovely PPOMO only a few days ago that has a very similar theme!!!! If you want to check hers out, here is the link:D https://youtu.be/R2GKE_q0Jx4

I hope you enjoy!

Art Credit to my Twitter pal @IBGNCHaMa for my new end screen!

See you Thursday for a new video 🙂 (Hint, it’s one from a series!)

(Seeking Therapy or Counseling? Try online.)
Side note, I find that I get a lot of comments and messages about using ASMR for anxiety, depression, and more. I can totally relate with that, and ASMR is an awesome outlet for those things. However, if you’re interested, here is a link to a website with real, professional & licensed counselors. You can type to them, or call them! It’s actually a really cool service and I use it personally. It costs as low as $35 a month, and you don’t have to leave your house to use it. 🙂

Here you go!: http://betterhelp.go2cloud.org/SH39

I also donate regularly to The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation. I highly recommend it! They give grants to scientists who do studies to better understand and treat mental illnesses.

The last ASMR video to help me sleep: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VkOFjXqE7g&t=453s

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