ASMR – Gently HUGS and KISSES from Germany – Oktoberfest ASMR in ENGLISH

Hello my dear!
I am very happy that you’re here today! I haven’t ever believed my next english video would be there so early in time! But I was very surprised by all the nice comments of yours and they made me want to make a new english video very fast! Actually that’s really fun! I learn so much by preparing those videos and it’s just amazing to speak a foreign language… it is like travelling itself! And english sounds so nice! I wished I could pronounce it better!I tthink I should practise much more! ♥
Now I wish you much relaxation with this video, I hope you can rest by celebraiting the nice Oktoberfest with me! It took me a very long time to make this video so I hope you can forget about the mistakes, considering how much love there is in it for you ♥

And maybe you should have a look at Valeriya ASMR’s chanell – you will find there the end of this story (in russian with English subs) soon!

Love you and best greetings from Amsterdam! (I spend my short hollydays here and I’m soooo in love with Amsterdam! Have you ever been here? The houses are amazing and the people so nice and cute! I wished I could rest here for a muuuch longer time! It’s too lovely!)

Your Pelagea ♥

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