ASMR : Gentle ASMR to help you fall asleep!

Hello! I have missed you all very much! I am so sorry it took me so long to come back but i am back now! I know this vido isn’t so special and I was actually very worried about the first video after such a long break! But being worried does not help and after i tried to record so many times this video came easy to me and so i thought it will fit! I hope you can enjoy it a bit and i really wanna say i missed you very much! i don’t want to be ever gone again! Thank you for being with me, for the support, for being still subscribed to my channel! You are the best!
Also I am at a new place now and I hope i can actually record more in here. So I’d be happy to read what videos you’d like to see best! I do plan to make many roleplays and trigger videos but maybe if there are any certain topics you love you could share with me! I feel like my english is starting to get somwhere. At least it seems i can speak a bit better now in videos. i mean in streams I find i kinda easier to speak than in videos and I would struggle a lot trying to sound natural inmy videos. I am still not completelly there but i felt like in this video I sound more natural than I used to in the past. And i feel like this will allow me to maybe also go into moe specific role plays too. maybe a real doctor,physician, massagist and this kind of things. i used to do everything a bit like… yur friend helping you t get better bun not a professonal because i felt like I’d look just bad as a professional. but maybe now i can start to experiment in that direction too. it would sure make me happy at least to try videos like that!
And then I wanted to say that I plan to stream more too now! I know not everyone likes the streams but there are going o be both, streams and idos so I hope you will enjoy it!

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