ASMR – funny MEN’S HAIRCUT by a BARBER – soo sensitive personal attention – ENGLISH

Hi my Dear! Today I will give you a nice haircut and I hope you will like it! And I have to confess something! ))) This video is maybe a little bit weird. The problem was that I was vveeery tired while doing it. There are a lot of loud neighbors in my house and cars behind my window, so that I have to film those videos in the night. But I have to stand up very early in the morning, so it’s difficult for me to be really awake while making those videos in the night. That’s why I look so sleepy and made a lot of mistakes in this video, the funniest ones – I used some German words while speaking English (For example “heute” instead of “today”I don’t know why I was surprised myself when I heard it later))) So please don’t be surprised, I really hope you can enjoy this video even if there are so many mistakes! I tried my best and there is all my best whishes for you in this video I hope you can have nice dreams and a lot of relaxation this nioght!
Love you! Pelagea!

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