ASMR Fireside Head & Scalp Massage w/ Face Cleansing & Oil ~ Personal Attention Role Play for Sleep

Hello again my loves!

Tonight we are sitting by the cosy fire and I will cleanse your face, give you a delicate facial massage with some oil and then after, a scalp massage with some scalp scratching, to release stress and help you drift off to sleep 🙂

This is the first video in a while that doesn’t contain any tapping and it’s also my first role play of 2017! I have no idea if you are going to like this, as I’m not too experienced at the whole role play thing (although the requests for them are increasing lol), but let me know if you do like it and I may start doing them on occasion 🙂

Also, if you can hear any humming sounds, it is not coming from the mics, it’s coming from the fire pump that pumps the water to the radiators. I couldn’t turn it off because I didn’t want to destroy it lol. Also, because it’s a stove and not a regular open fireplace, you can hear some metal popping sounds, I turned the loudest ones down but these are the authentic sounds of just hanging out by my fire 🙂

Time stamps;

00:01 – 01:42 – Fire crackling and soft spoken intro

01:43 – 06:46 – Sponge squeezing and water sounds, cleansing your face with sea sponge

06:47 – 08:27 – Drying your face with soft towel, some gentle fabric sounds

08:28 – 10:10 – Playing with glass oil dropper bottle and chatting to you (OK there is the tiniest bit of tapping here lol)

10:11 – 14:34 – Massaging oil into hands and then giving you a gentle face massage

14:35 – 22:04 – Scalp massage with scratching & stroking and a tiny bit of close up whispering. Fire visuals and darker screen.

22:05 – 25:15 – Adding oil to your scalp, some skin massaging sounds, oil bottle and lid capping sounds. A little bit of gentle breathy ear to ear whispering.

25:16 – 35:38 – Head massage, no talking (until a whispered goodnight at 34:24)

35:39 – End – Fire crackling sounds. If you listen carefully or with the right headphones, you can hear the wind howling down the chimney 🙂

Thank you for watching and goodnight! 🙂

~ ASMR Magic xoxo


Mics used are the Rode NT1 stereo pair, with a little help from our binaural dummy head friend 🙂

Nail polish – Ciate Skinny Dip (because it kinda matches the fire flames lol)


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