ASMR Fairy Tale Workshop Enrollment RP

Welcome to the Fairy Tale Center for Continued Education. Today you will be signing up for a few seminars/workshops that are ideally suited to your magical interests and talents.

This is the introduction to my brand new Fairy Tale Workshop Series. The first few workshops you will be attending in the near future are (there will be a video for each):
– Fairy Wellness 101 (wing maintenance, fairy dust selection, etc)
– Magical Creature Mastery (how to tame and care for enchanted pets)
– Enchanted Loom 201 (for experienced magical weavers)
– Wicked Wisdom 101 (a necessity for any villain in training)
– Magical Artifacts for Beginners (how to appraise and authentic fairy tale relics)
– The Art of Magical Gardening (how to grow and cultivated magical plants)

This series will be in addition to my regular Enchanted Series (I will still be posting my usual Magical themed videos as well 🙂

Image courtesy of
“Digital Background” by dream designs

“Angevin” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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