ASMR Ear Noms~ Ear Nibbles & Kisses!

Of course THIS video is trending. -__- I should probably explain myself to the uninitiated who are staring at their screen like 😱🤔😲😷😫 right now. ITS NOT INTENDED TO BE SEXUAL AND I DONT CARE ABOUT WHAT YOU DO IN THE PRIVACY OF YOUR HOME OK. Comment that shit and you’re banned. Please take some time to look into ASMR, you can start with Wikipedia: We have an ever-growing community and have relaxing, tingle-inducing content for everyone! You just have to give it a chance 🙂

Muahaha! I’m off to work. If you couldn’t tell, I’ve felt bad for being so busy and not being able to upload more videos. So I’ve been spending my half day off making a few more 🙂 Hope you enjoy! My left eyebrow and creasing makeup in my eyelids is killing me. This can’t even be relaxing now that I pointed it out, huh? B) HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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