Welcome back to my channel everyone! If you’re new here, I hope you stick around, and know that I am EXTREMELY humbled to have you!

I WANT EVERYONE TO READ THIS RIGHT NOW. This video is NOT meant to be in ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM, SEXUAL! Sensual? Yes. SEXUAL? NO! Before the video begins, I filmed a one minute disclaimer explaining that this video has been discussed between my husband and I for a very long time. EAR licking in the ASMR community is a very opinionated, diverse subject. I personally enjoy listening to it once in a while. But there are very few videos on YouTube a female or male actually does it to their significant other. So without further adue, I hope you enjoy the video!

I’m asking from the kindness of my heart, please keep the negative comments to yourself. They will be deleted and you will be banned from this channel. Feedback is great, disrespect is not.

** This will be the very first Christmas my children can understand. Due to financial situations, we won’t be able to buy them many things. I created an Amazon wishlist, if anyone sees this and can or wants to purchase an item for my children, please do so. I can promise a personal ASMR video for those that do, and a thank you letter. Please, anybody reading this, you know me by now. I do NOT expect ANYTHING, or ANYONE to feel obligated to buy anything. This is just something I chose for my children, as I know it’s hard for so many families for their kids to have nice Christmas’s. Hell, we borrowed a Christmas tree from a family member this year! Times are tough, so understand this is just something I’m putting here in case someone who has a bit extra this year can help. With love and regards, Karuna.. **

LINK 🎀👇🏻🎀


I wanted to say thank you, as I do in every one of my videos.. not only for being there FOR me, but being PATIENT with me right now. It’s an extremely delicate time in my life, with a lot of transitioning (POSITIVE transitioning), and sometimes when I say a video will be out on a certain day and it’s not… I apologize. Thank you all for still being there.

I also know I haven’t been responding to comments as much as I’d used to. Know that I still wake up and read each and every single one of the comments you all write for me. Any tears shed because of you all, are happy and humbled tears. I sometimes feel I’m not worthy of you all. Just know I made this channel for YOU. I made this a SAFE place for both you and I. I love you. With everything I am. Thank you again.


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