ASMR | DOUBLE the TINGLES! | Super Mario 64 with @theWhispergames 🍄

I am a TOTAL beginner when it comes to Super Mario 64! I didn’t have a big sibling to teach me as a kid. So today, theWhispergames has very kindly offered to be my big sister and teach me her ways! Enjoy over an hour of gaming ASMR with not one but TWO soft spoken voices. It’s like we are having a little video game sleepover 😄 Speaking of which, please forgive how sleepy I am in the entire video (I had just woken up and hadn’t had any caffeine 😂)

Give @theWhispergames some love for teaching a beginner like me and also having the most relaxing soft spoken voice 💖

Like this video if you want more sleepover-style gaming collabs!

JubileeWhispers & theWhispergames 💕

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