ASMR Doctor Roleplay – Yearly Check-up

Hello everyone! This video was randomly pulled out of a hat, all suggestions were given by my Patreon donators! If you’re interested in submitting a video suggestion, check out my Patreon page @ !! Thank you Hamid for this awesome idea! Doctor roleplays are my favorite :’)

It’s a very busy next three months for me, but then I’ll have a strict posting schedule that I’m sure will make you all very happy 🙂

Welcome to the ASMR Clinic! I was super nervous to do this because I am in no means any sort of medical professional nor will I ever be… but these are one of my faaaavorite roleplays, just prepping for this video gave me tingles!

I hope you all enjoy, there’s a long questionnaire in the beginning, then latex gloves, face touching, ear cleaning, following the light/finger, stethoscope, tongue depressor, breathing, checking blood pressure, alcohol wipes and bandaid, as well as a plethora of tapping, rubbing, scratching, tingly triggers for you to fall asleep to or enjoy!

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