ASMR Cranial Nerve Exam Roleplay HD Whispered (Audio Only)

ASMR (HD, Whispered – Wear Earphones!!) Cranial Nerve Exam Roleplay…
An alternative take on the classic CNE roleplays. I borrowed heavily from Dr. Jim Kelly’s cranial nerve and neuropsychology tests. If you haven’t seen these on YouTube (starring Pat LaFontaine) then check them out. I also recommend: Neurological Examination of the Limbs (demonstration version) by Leicester University, and (because it’s also sci-fi related) Heather Feather’s Science Roleplay for Relaxation (ASMR). Obviously there are loads of other great ones, but these sprung to mind.

I’ll go back to basics on the next one; I may have overdone the sound effects somewhat, but hopefully that won’t interfere with the experience too much.

Anyway, enjoy!

More to follow…

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