ASMR COLLAB – STAR WARS ROLEPLAY ~ An Important Message for the Rebels ~


THANK YOU to ASMRWeekly who created this video, for collaborating with me! He puts so much love and effort into his videos, has mad editing skills and has a perfect understanding of what makes great ASMR :3 I love his channel.
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Also check out ASMR Alysaa who contributed the hologram messages and various sound fx!:

If you liked this, I highly recommend checking out this Harry Potter collab that Weekly and Alysaa did together, its also freaking amazing:

In this bideo, Fay comes to deliver an important message to Obi-Wan, including a buttload of triggers like mouth sounds, unintelligible whispers, tapping, mic brushing, booping, lid sounds, hand movements, and more!

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