ASMR Coconut Ear Eating & Licking – 3DIO

ASMR Ear Eating and licking, mouth and hand cupping with a hot coconut oil ear massage.
As you can see I have 100% focus on the 3dio microphone because I aim to give you brain melting tingles! 🤗 🤓
I attempted to eat an ice lolly to have some different sounds, but that didn’t go so well. You can see what went wrong during my attempt at 21:00 😅 . Never mind, maybe next time, I may finally achieve the ever so difficult task of eating an ice lolly.

Triggers include: ear eating, licking, nibbles, Oily Ear Massage, ear Cupping with hands and mouth, and some tapping.
All recorded on my 3dio Microphone 🎤 with comforting sounds travelling from ear to ear all intended to give you Brain Tingles, lower anxiety and to help you sleep. 😴

Best listened to through headphones.🎧

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