Asmr Boyfriend Roleplay: We Cuddle After Making Love, Soft Talking, Love, Kissing

This is boyfriend roleplay, in which you and I just talk to each other after making love. Roleplay Requested By Katie Boo

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If you do not see your request down below, do not worry!! I wanted to finish up the long request line below, so I may add new ones in the future!! But until then, make sure you click the link above where it says (Leave Your Request Here) and comment on the video it will lead you to, of which roleplay you would like me to do.

Upcoming Video:

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Nerdy Boyfriend Part Two Rp – Requested By Olivia Amy
Boyfriend Saves Girlfriend From Suicide Rp – Requested By Kaitlan Hicks
Controlling Boyfriend Rp – Requested Acronastics !
Girlfriends An Artist P2 Rp – Requested By Nick Degon
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Brother Comforts Sister While Parents Argue Rp – Requested By Olivia Lane
Father Takes Care Of Sick Child Rp – Requested By Gemma Feildman
Brother Calms Nervous Sister For Solo Dance Competition Rp – Requested By Vivian Padgett
Ghost Boyfriend Comfort Rp – Requested By Vanessa Bonilla
Famous Soccer Player Girlfriend Injury Comfort Rp – Requested By Cate Kuhlman
Superhero Saves You Rp – Requested By brookeschexnite

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