ASMR: ‘Boobs on a Plane’–An Air Hostess Roleplay

*(Edit: I just realized I say ‘Okay’ like 8,793 times *facepalm*–sorry about that! Also, I have no idea what’s up with Miss M’s accent. The more I do the character, the more this Fargo-esque accent comes through, lol. Apologies if it’s annoying!) Ermahgerd, it’s been two weeks since I’ve done a video! 😀 So, I can’t top the Lingerie and Tire Emporium, but hopefully this is a bit relaxing and humorous just the same. Join Air Hostess Margaritte as she takes you on a relaxing journey with a few unplanned pitstops along the way to unsuspecting lemur ranches. As always, best with headphones, and thanks for watching! Also, I am egregiously behind in answering messages and comments, so my apologies– been crazy hectic at work. Will hopefully catch up soon. Planning an actual scalp massage video next with real ASMR. 😉
Patreon and Paypal links on my channel page, in case you want to send a little bit of love my way –donations towards new equipment will not be turned down! :d ❤ thanks to all who have donated!

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