ASMR: An Intimate Eye Exam with Dr. Margaritte

Okay, guys, this is definitely not my best work. I had this already shot then accidently deleted it. So I re-shot it while sick with a cold, so I’m not on my best game. Really sorry about that. I’m going to do another, better one soon, I hope. But I decided to post this because you get to see me spill ginger ale all over myself and there is some boob jiggling at the end. Also, when I do the ‘follow the pen with your eyes’ bit, I forgot that the camera flips which side is which until halfway through, so then I ask you to look to the left twice, lol. I’m fully prepared for the onslaught of thumbs down for this. Either way, thanks for watching! Hope to have a better one up when I feel better. 🙂
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