ASMR: A Whispered Sleep Countdown from 100 with Kissing Noises and Caresses

[Edit–oh my God, I just realized you can see my yoga pants through my nighty. D’oh! I was freezing when filming so I put a pair of yoga pants on not realizing the nighty’s see-through. *facepalm*Sorry about that! Not very schmexy.] Hello, everyone! I couldn’t sleep so I decided to do a sleep countdown. In it I whisper countdown from one hundred while making kissing noises here and there. I also gently caress my skin. This maybe a bit too NSFW as I caressed my boobies a bit too much, lol. Anyway, hope you enjoy!
A special shout out to my October Patreon supporters: Alex and Brendan. Thank you so much for those who have donated via PayPal and Patreon. I’m saving it all for better equipment! 🙂 Thanks to everyone also who has donated via PayPal or Patreon!

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