ASMR: A Sexy and Silly S&M Collab Roleplay with MinxLaura123

Hello, everyone! I am sooo excited to finally be posting this!! Here is my collab with the gorgeous, majorly talented ASMR artist MinxLaura123. It is a tongue-in-cheek (and everywhere else 😉 dominatrix/S&M roleplay. Miss M is first followed by the delicious Dolly. Thank you MinxLaura123 for letting me do this amazing collab with you!!! Please, please check out here channel and subscribe if you are not already because she is the queen of tingles!!…

Also, there’s a poll at the beginning of the video for what video I should post next. Just click on the little circle with the ‘i’ in it in the upper right hand corner. 🙂

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