ASMR – A nice drink, head massage and all my love for you ♥ ENGLISH

This is my first english video and I want to celebrate it! So let’s have a drink and then you can just enjoy your relaxing headmassage! By the way, that isn’t just my first english video, it is the first time I speak english anyway! I learn english just for two month now ( When I was at school I didn’t have any English:(() and I have no one to practice with… so, I know – my english skills are actuyally too bad, I should have wait a little bit longer before making an english video, but I have been asked so many times for English ASMR, I just had to try it )) That’s why I ask for understnding for all the mistakes I make here! I hope you can enjoy this video anyway! And mybe I’ll try it again somtime in the future and it’s beter then ))


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