ASMR 3DIO – oil earmassage – breathy whisper – ENGLISH

Hey my Dear!

Today it’s a special video for you! You will get a soothing earmassage with a close, breathy whisper and I will whisper some nice words into your ears! There are too less videos like this on my chanell. I mean videos which are dominated by tingly sounds. And it’s the first time that I use my 3DIO that way and I very hope you will like this video anyway! I would be happy to get some advices how to make it better for next time! I always try my best for you but it’s sometimes difficult to know what you actually need! I would be happy to read about your preferences and dislikes!
And I hope you can get here a lot of tingles and a deep sleep!
Love you very much!

Your Pelagea!

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