ASMR ☾ Intense Twin Ear Eating ~ Tongue Shaking, Licking, Cupping & Mouth Sounds ~ No talking

Hey friends! I always wanted to try this twin thing that I’ve seen from other ASMRtists, and here it is!! I’ve noticed that you like mouth sounds videos in my channel, and that’s why I decided to make this one entirely with that trigger. You’ll find binaural ear eating, tongue shaking, mouth cupping and licking. I hope you like it ^^


Hola amigos! Siempre he querido probar lo de el ASMR de gemelas, y por fin he podido hacerlo! He notado que los vídeos que más os gustan en mi canal son los de sonidos de boca, y por eso he querido hacer este completamente con ese tema. Espero que os guste!! 😀

Microphone: SR3D Basic Binaural Tube
Recorder: Zoom H1

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