A(nother) S(illy) M(argaritte) R(oleplay): Men’s Make-Over Pajama Party

Disclaimer: Miss Margaritte role-plays are more silly than relaxing. (I hope the running gag isn’t getting too old–I try to change it up a bit in each video!) Also, yes, I am aware that our blinds look horrible–one word: cats. 😉 And so I’m not answering the same question a billion times–for now I will not be showing my face. The reason for this, as I’ve explained before, is to keep my anonymity so that this stays separate from my professional life. Miss Margaritte is how I have a bit of fun, and I owe a big thanks to those of you who watch and support that! Thank you! 🙂 Best with headphones, and I hope you enjoy!
Facebook, Instagram and PayPal links on my channel page, in case you want to send a little bit of love my way –donations towards new equipment will not be turned down! 😀 ❤

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