A(nother) S(illy) M(argaritte) R(oleplay): A Police Interrogation Session with Detective Margaritte

Disclaimer: This one is definitely mostly goofy and very little ASMR. I just kind of got carried away with the silliness in this one, but I hope people still find it enjoyable for one reason or another. And a huge thanks to those of you who have subscribed–wow, almost at 4,000! Thank you so much! 😀 Hope to post another video (geared more towards relaxation) tomorrow if I can. As always, best with headphones and thanks for watching!
Facebook, Instagram, Patreon and PayPal links on my channel page, in case you want to send a little bit of love my way –donations towards new equipment will not be turned down! 😀 ❤ Thanks to all who have donated!

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