1H of Tingle Explosion: My Best Triggers of 2020

This ASMR video includes all my best moments of my 2020 videos! Or a bit of my favourite videos haha! Click the bell to have notifications, like & subscribe, it would make my DAY!

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TIME STAMPS (i’m that insane)

00:00 Super Closeup Whispers https://youtu.be/-puMCK-omug
01:13 Haircut Experiments https://youtu.be/Htc1bbq8xK0
02:11 Sensitive MS https://youtu.be/40DMSk8X164
03:12 The Professional Scalp Treatment https://youtu.be/w3a_DyABXHc
04:16 Experimenting on You https://youtu.be/fdjMTGviLvE
05:17 Ancient Roman SPA https://youtu.be/TK4TDQdx6TE
06:20 Twin Layered Sounds https://youtu.be/lL6jbWZwjKQ
07:24 50 min Triggers that I’m Wearing https://youtu.be/Xl74Iejp1ho
08:27 Yennefer Heals You https://youtu.be/0K_VCSgHC9c
09:30 Slow & Gentle ASMR Triggers https://youtu.be/mDl5wVbp1CA
10:41 Fixing you: Mechanic Shop! https://youtu.be/YU4aydqDSnc
11:45 Medusa Catches You https://youtu.be/kYEPHnVUkUs
13:05 ASMR To Make You SO Sleepy https://youtu.be/ykdr_hnS7KU
14:06 Megara https://youtu.be/sf9t3q3FdUM
15:25 Triggers You Never Knew You Needed https://youtu.be/FbRnONdvrdg
16:32 Taking Your Stress & Anxiety Away https://youtu.be/p35CLDj4Hsc
17:32 With My Claws https://youtu.be/Aq8wBRV-5DE
18:35 New Barber Shaves You! https://youtu.be/gRgTufSQ4r8
19:42 Scientist Experimenting on You https://youtu.be/9ctnVQJRflI
20:51 Life Coach Gets You Ready https://youtu.be/3fX745EzV6U
21:50 Try Not To Tingle Challenge https://youtu.be/G_Rz1ik0usQ
23:09 Putting You To Sleep https://youtu.be/ZsWMaCA7PaU
24:14 Humming For Your Sleep https://youtu.be/NSWeqijT1nw
25:24 Examining You https://youtu.be/bVeOdNi6e-k
26:34 Asking You A Lot of Personal Question https://youtu.be/tYI8y0n4JVg
27:43 Spend a Day With Glow https://youtu.be/yxHW0-2gdr8
28:54 Talk Or I Make You Tingle https://youtu.be/KlquN-g2pCE
29:57 Center for Happy Ears https://youtu.be/GpUKdnSNSd8
31:02 Medical Allergy Test On You https://youtu.be/6v4oeDs-8HU
32:12 Viking https://youtu.be/Tk_pABsMjgI
33:13 That Will Make Your Eyes Heavy https://youtu.be/nViUJWt5vRg
34:19 Brain Melting Triggers https://youtu.be/B7mXbXhOwy0
35:26 Spa Treatment Just For You! https://youtu.be/NrGA2fUvxjs
36:33 Making You All Sleepy https://youtu.be/fKkJFEn-KHk
37:36 Hypnotizing ASMR for Maximum Tingles! https://youtu.be/TgCFMcIUy6I
38:41 Français pour t’aider a t’endormir https://youtu.be/RKCOPKNFHiM
39:42 Testing Your Personality https://youtu.be/L-lEdY-YgA0
40:58 Taking Care of You: Bath Edition! https://youtu.be/N1B7kPakfRA
42:03 De-Stressing You https://youtu.be/hHgRsiWg8w8
43:05 Therapist Asks You a Lot of Personal Questions! https://youtu.be/SejIiocFrO0
44:03 Sleepy Session https://youtu.be/beSdMOsTpBw
45:07 Tattoo Shop Appointment https://youtu.be/zVok-jRytck
46:07 Florist https://youtu.be/-FAE-kHnN2o
47:12 Doctor Treats You https://youtu.be/HHW2B9uzeGM
48:34 K to Help You Sleep https://youtu.be/ZpcSuOCO0Xg
49:54 Quiet ASMR While You Sleep https://youtu.be/Dmh8wnnMe7g
50:20 Slow ASMR Triggers For Your Sleep https://youtu.be/whDuM4A6ubQ
50:58 Overwatch https://youtu.be/DFaLzEAoPuc

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