🎃 Binaural Jack-O-Lantern Relaxation 🎃 ASMR

Happy Halloween! I’m here to relax Mr Jack O Lantern and you as well with plenty of different triggers and inaudible / semi-audible whispering. 🙂 Start the video at 20:12 for the most quiet sounds. Thanks for your support and watching.

*Time Stamps*
Pumpkin tapping and inaudible/semi-audible whisper 0:00-3:00
Halloween bag tapping and crinkles 3:01-8:28
Spooky shack box with lid opening 8:29-14:01
Plastic glove bag sounds with squishing 14:02-20:11
❤️ Start video at 20:12 for quiet sleepy sounds ❤️
Skeleton witch glove squishing 21:03-27:42
Dropper bottle sounds 27:43-33:42
Crushed bag of wet foam, soft crinkles 33:43-37:36
Sponge 37:37-42:49
Felt owl scratching 42:50-47:41
Dark pumpkin flickers 47:42-End
** Good Night **

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*ASMR? Why whisper?*
ASMR is a physical brain sensation (like a tingling or buzzing) which is triggered by sounds or visual triggers. This is a very relaxing feeling which can cause sleepiness, relaxation and almost a trance! Even without tingles, ASMR videos can help viewers focus on study / work or for help relaxing and sleeping.

*Equipment or Products*
Camera (Canon 6D) http://amzn.to/1rrMwiu
Lens (Lomography Daguerrotype Achromat)
Recorder (Zoom H6) http://amzn.to/1rrMKq6
Microphones (Binaural In-Ear) http://amzn.to/2aEnaqz
Editing (Sony Movie Studio 13)

I am an Amazon Associate, by clicking on amzn.to links you will go to Amazon’s website, if you purchase anything from Amazon you will help support my videos.

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