🌀 KINETIC ASMR Sleep Hypnosis of BLISS: 9 Triggers for DEEP SLEEP

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THIS HYPNOSIS WILL BE FELT IN YOUR BODY, as it is an immersive kinetic relaxation using space, sounds and visualization. In this sleep hypnosis with some amazing tingly asmr triggers, you will drop into the state of bliss while drifting gently to sleep. We’re using visualizations with sounds that will take you through very kinetic/bodily journey in this hypnosis. This relaxation trance will help you to let go and enter the state of bliss. Literally.
The asmr triggers used in this video are:
Crinkling, soft speaking, tapping, whispering, rain sounds, glass sounds, pouring a mixture onto your scalp, kinetic sand and hand movements.

Reset in tingles. ASMR with a touch of transpersonal psychology.

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